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DJ Phoole!

Mad Chatter - Genre-Scatter - Playing What Matters!

Phoole's roots are in music royalty - her Dad, legendary Chicago be-bop jazz bassist DAN SHAPERA, has played with CHET BAKER, MOSE ALLISON, EDDIE "LOCKJAW" DAVIS, LIONEL HAMPTON, SAMMY CAHN, MILT JACKSON, ZOOT SIMS, CLARK TERRY, JOE WILLIAMS and a legion of epic names in jazz. Her brother, a brilliant avant-garde jazz drummer, was told by ART BLAKEY, "When I die, you gon' be the King."  And her mom's musical tastes spanned the centuries from late Rococo through the Romantics and Moderns.  Her family's influence exploded her musical lexicon.  Once she discovered WENDY CARLOS, PERREY & KINGSLEY, and every electronic artist of the 1980s, she went mad for electronic beats and bleeps. As a club kid in Los Angeles in 1994 and 1995, the scene's unity and force inspired her even more wildly, and back home in the Home-of-House Chicago, pursuing a performance career in a wide variety of venues, she became her community's Music Oracle, predicting the Next Big Thing and moving on time and again.

Joining the Chatroom Army of the Ideal ClubWorld in 2010 and 2011 connected Phoole to musical performance and production heroes like the genre-boundary-annihilating THE YOUNG PUNX and the genuis acts at MOFOHIFI RECORDS and HEAVY DISCO RECORDS, and in 2012, Chicago house and hardcore DJs JEFFITO and BAD COREY showcased her mixing skills and taste in a lineup of MidWest US room-exploders including party weapon KEDZIE and so many more besides.

Phoole's excited to bring you the best of the underground in house, turbofunk, breaks, big beat, loungecore and more. A 25-year veteran of large-venue environmental interactive entertainment (on which she LITERALLY wrote the book), Phoole's your old friend you've just met, bringing you in with banter and beats. And she's hyper-happy to be on board as a NEW IDEAL DJ!

* TUNE IN! *


Music sets you free. 
The truth also sets you free. 

And all Fools tell the truth!


Broadcasting live from Badgerland in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, Phoole sets you free with the newest and truest beats in House, Nu Disco, Turbofunk and Beyond! Mad Chatter, Genre-Scatter, and Playing What Matters, Phoole welcomes you for two hours replete with beats and absurd fun for all!

Tune in:

- Desktop: http://player.idealclubworld.com

- Mobile: mobile.idealclubworld.com

* Jump into the chatroom and banter away!

* Tweet @phoole to get a shout!

* Email jane@phoole.com for advice!

* Get your Phoole Fix during the week!

* Music!
* Chat!

* The unpredictability of live entertainment vs. new-to-Phoole technology!

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